My History – foundation, creative arts degree, MA design & manufacture followed by 12 years digital design work, family & fun. Now working on own painting, drawing, digital work and working as a holistic therapist living in Nottingham.

My mediums – pastels, pencils, pen, charcoal, watercolour, inks, multimedia, oil paints. I create, manipulate, illustrate & animate images, scanning sketches, textures, using photographs & working directly traditionally and with mouse & tablet & a breadth of software.

My Subject matter – trees, nature, interiors, pattern & people. I am drawn to the messier side of life loving the energy, flow of angles, colour & mark making.

I Love the process of image making and the magic of shaping an image.  I enjoy imperfections, customisation, expression and alignment of objects, images & people that make ordinary things unique.

Original art and limited edition signed fine art giclee prints available. Commissions happily undertaken.

Contact me on: 07963369137